HAYNES Controls

How Intelligent Is Your Building?

If you are a building owner, manager, developer or general contractor, you are probably interested in improving tenant satisfaction and comfort, saving $ and reducing energy use. If that is true, HVAC Controls may be the answer!

HAYNES Controls is an innovative climate solution provider, offering top-of-the-line building automation systems. We are authorized Distech Controls systems integrator. Distech is a leader in building automation system products, and when their top-of-the-line products are combined with our highest quality installation and service solutions, HAYNES Controls delivers just what you need for the ultimate in building comfort and efficiency. We can integrate multiple systems including HVAC — into a singular, user-friendly system that can be accessed easily via your smart phone, tablet & PC! Your controls system is fully programmable, and once installed, your system can be turned over to your local staff or to a remote, certified HAYNES technician.

HAYNES Controls is an innovative climate solution provider for automation systems (BAS) of all scopes and sizes:

  • Facility automation systems integration
  • Web-based automation systems integration
  • HVAC building automation controls
  • Data analytics
  • Control panel custom enclosures
  • UL/CSA® certified fabrication
  • Systems engineering
  • VFD systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Relational databases for information management
  • Digital, pneumatic and electric controls installation and expansions
  • Technical programming, installation, startup and service

Interested to see if a building automation system is the right choice for you? Please give us a call!