HAYNES Heating & Cooling — Projects & Pictures

At HAYNES Heating & Cooling, we are Western North Carolina’s experts in air conditioning service, heating system service, heat pumps, geothermal heat, commercial refrigeration, and much more. We can handle HVAC projects of any size and scope. Here are just a few of the commercial & industrial projects that have been completed by HAYNES Heating & Cooling:


  • Reuter YMCA
  • Harris Regional Medical Center
  • Mission St. Josephs Hospital
  • Marriott- Chapel Hill
  • VA Medical Center – MRI Addition
  • The Cradle of Forestry – water source heat pump type systems
  • Hasco – New Plant/Warehouse Facility
  • Blue Ridge Metals – an industrial facility
  • Hominy Valley Elementary School
  • MSD – New Administrative and Engineering Facility
  • Community Services Building – City of Brevard, NC
  • Smith/Carrier Building – A six story building in downtown Asheville (This project consists of Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, Boilers, with water source Heat Pumps.)
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