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In the industrial division of H&M Constructors, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship. Our experience shows in the high-quality work we do. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

On December 18th, Jerry Ward was here with 3 or 4 guys to redo some piping.  We are normally in a time crunch on any of our shutdowns as we have only 1 line and we are in a sold out position. When I have a project that is going to take a longer time to do I prefer to use H&M because I know that you have the resources and expertise to get it done.   On this particular project, Jerry had estimated about 18 hours to change the piping because the pipe that had to be cut and have new flanges welded in was next to a wall.  This also would have required cutting a platform support post, putting a temporary support in and taking the 14 inch pipe down.  After looking at the clearance to the wall, Scott and Stacy, assigned to do the project with Jerry, felt they could do the cutting and welding of the pipe without removing it.  This would save a lot of time and effort.  Jerry was willing to listen to them and had confidence in their abilities so that was how the work was accomplished. Too many times, supervision does not listen to the people that do the work.  Jerry did which shows what type of supervisor he is.

During this same time we had another project in which an equipment supplier was assembling some equipment they had designed and fabricated.  The Jacob Holm engineer in charge of this project, who happens to be my wife, was very concerned about this company and whether they would be able to get their equipment installed if there had to be any modification.  I told her that H&M would be on site and that I had confidence that they could help this company to fix anything that was wrong. As it turned out the equipment was not exactly right and needed to be modified.  Jerry and the guys looked at what needed to be done and determined that they could do it.  Further Stacy had a great idea on how to do it that would be better and would save time.  Stacy and Scott went beyond what would have been expected and volunteered to stay late to help get this problem taken care of.  This installation   would have delayed our start up if not for H&M’s help.  Just as he normally does after doing work for me, Jerry called first thing Wednesday morning, to see if the piping was leaking.  We had a small leak at a flange which Scott and Stacy came right in to fix.  They retightened all the bolts and then also fixed a leak in the piping where our Maintenance had installed a new valve.

This is just one example of the fine work that H&M has done for us.  There have been many other examples of exceptional work and diligence that I have been a part of with H&M and I think that H&M and the individual guys involved should be commended for the quality of work.  I’m glad that there are still people in this country that take pride in their work and give their best effort to give it.  I will continue to use what influence I have to use H&M in the project work that I am responsible for.   On a personal side, I love using H&M on projects because I know that you know what you are doing and I don’t have to be right there to make sure everything is going okay.


Wayne H.

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