Electrical Panel and Wiring Upgrades for Added Protection and Safety

wiring in Asheville, NCThe heart of any wiring system is the electric panel – the source from which power is distributed throughout a building via circuits. Every circuit is protected by a breaker, but if one of them draws too much power, the breaker will trip.

That’s why it is essential that the breaker is the right size for the circuit it is protecting. Constantly tripping, buzzing, or hot breakers are signs of problems in the panel. It is important to check and maintain the panel regularly in order to prevent serious damage.

Every time one of our certified electricians goes out on a service and maintenance call, he or she will perform a panel check to look for signs of wear and tear and tighten all the connections. The electrician will also check that the panel isn’t overloaded because many modern homes and offices are full of high-power, hi-tech appliances and electronics, for which the original builder may not have made allowances.

Hence, the wiring systems in many older buildings are overloaded, which is a major risk of fire. We have certified thermographers who are trained to use our infrared thermal camera to troubleshoot systems that are overloaded or are overheating due to poor connections. An overloaded panel generates heat before it burns or shorts, which allows a wiring problem to be nipped in the bud before it becomes expensive and dangerous.

At HAYNES Electric Construction, we can upgrade your electric panel and meter to bring more power into your home, office or industry. We can also install an outside disconnect for protection against fire, as well as a new grounding system for protection against electrical shocks.