From a Pleased H&M Industrial Customer to Randy James…

“Again, I want to take time to tell you about the crew that was here. What a great group of people! Rick has been the most professional person in this line of work that I have come across in some time. He never would leave anything less than perfect, and his attention to detail is impeccable. I know there are people who tell of their positive experiences, but they are few and far between. If at any time in the near future, you are contracted to do work at Fairfield Harbour, don’t forget to send Rick.”

Rick Smith & Randy James PhotoAllison Miller, Executive Housekeeper
Fairfield Harbour
Rick said, “I just noticed a few things that weren’t in our scope of work, but needed fixing, so I did it. I know if I want repeat work, I need to live up to our Quality, Commitment and Character tag line. The subs I had working were great and the customers were really good to work with, too.”
“The average person says “that’s not my job—while the leader transcends their job description and inevitably reaps untold rewards for doing so.” -Josh Hinds