Rainwater Harvesting

rain-drop-1217298Rainwater is an important agricultural product whose value is overlooked. Every year thousands of gallons of rainwater run off onto our land and property. There is a way to catch and redistribute that water known as rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting is the gradual gathering of rainwater for reuse, instead of letting the water run off as it normally would. The water can then be used for irrigation, greenhouses, livestock, indoor heating, and with proper treatment, domestic use. Rainwater harvesting is especially useful during times of drought when the regular water supply, say from the city, is running low or being regulated.  Harvesting provides an independent source of water that you can use at your discretion. Not only can harvesting save loads of money on your water bill, but it also has the potential to eliminate it all together. There are also numerous environmental benefits in harvesting rainwater and it is becoming increasingly popular in those interested in green living. Harvesting systems help you attain LEED credits toward your LEED certified commercial or residential building. For more information about the LEED program, you can visit: usgbc.org.

The main components of a rainwater harvesting system are the collection surface, gutters, downspouts, pre-filtration systems or first-flush devices, storage tanks and distribution systems — which can include sanitization. Modern tanks used for residential and commercial applications are available in all sizes, depending on how you plan to use your water.

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