Two Vital Components for Business Surveillance – CCTV and Video Intercom

For the latest in hi-tech security devices that prevent criminal activity from devastating your business and providing you with peace of mind, video intercom systems and closed-circuit television epitomize the very best in surveillance equipment.

When a comprehensive security system like this is professionally installed, the possibility of being targeted by destructive criminal activity is virtually zero. Furthermore, if your business happens to be the unlikely victim of a robbery, the entire incident will be caught on camera. The perpetrator(s) will be identified and justice can be served.

Two Vital Components for Business Surveillance – CCTV and Video IntercomIP Closed-Circuit Television

With IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV, remote control can be achieved. This enables you to broadcast footage on your PC so you can monitor what’s going on around your business at any time of the day or night. You can also view footage with smartphone apps.

High-definition megapixel cameras can be programmed to detect even the slightest movements. Through microchip sensors, the information is immediately relayed to the camera adjusters, which point the cameras directly on the detected activity. This provides additional security for remote spaces that are hidden by odd-angled ceilings or corners.

Intercom Systems

When a CCTV is combined with a video intercom system, you get the additional benefit of speaking to and seeing anyone outside your building before allowing them to enter. Since would-be criminals are known to disguise their voices, being able to see a clear image of a person wanting access to your premises can prevent unexpected and potentially violent intrusions by unsavory characters.

As criminals become more sophisticated and crime continues to rise, having an effective surveillance system is vital for the safety and security of your employees and your business.


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