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HAYNES Solar offers innovative ideas to help you look at different alternatives for your energy needs. We install and service energy equipment, and by sharing our knowledge of rebates, tax incentives and solar energy production, we can help you make sound decisions, ensuring you get the most value for your dollar. And . . . who doesn’t want to save money? Not only that, you will be making a good decision for our environment, as well!

Why should you consider solar power for your home? Here are just a few reasons:

  • It’s free fuel. Once you have covered the initial costs, you’ll get unlimited energy from the sun! You’ll never have to worry about rising costs of power sources or the politics behind it again.
  • Installations are more economical than you might think. If you have the tax appetite, federal and state tax credits can save you 65% of the initial cost. The cost of solar panels is continuing to drop, so the payback from power savings can be as little as four years.
  • It’s friendly to the environment. Solar power doesn’t generate any pollution of greenhouse gasses.
  • It helps the economy. Solar power creates jobs and provides income to many people. When you install a solar PV system, you are contributing to that effort to revitalize the economy.
  • It’s becoming mainstream. Utility companies, state and local governments are embracing installations on several different levels.

Our installations and services for residential customers include:

  • Solar PV Systems
  • Generators – Don’t Be Dependent on the Power Company During Storms
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermal Water Heaters & Geothermal Water Heaters
  • Green Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Efficient Lighting, Including Sensors, Timers, and Computer Management Systems
  • Wind Turbines

We hope you’ll choose HAYNES Solar for your home energy needs in Western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee. With HAYNES Corporation, you can always expect high-quality workmanship, commitment and character, delivered with highly competitive pricing. HAYNES Solar always has tomorrow in mind.



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Deborah, West Asheville

I have used the services of MB HAYNES ever since I moved to Asheville and have had so many pleasant encounters with your staff that I felt compelled to say thank you.  Every interaction whether by phone or in person has been a pleasure.  Each service person has been on time, friendly, and helpful…Thanks for making dealing with “home maintenance” run smoothly.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend your company to anyone seeking the services you provide. I know you well, since I have worked with you almost continuously during my 10 years at UNC Asheville.