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HAYNES Electric Utility has been constructing and servicing power lines, in conjunction with Duke Progress Energy, Haywood Electric Membership and French Broad Electric Membership, for over 50 years. We work with both overhead and underground electric systems, serving the electric utility needs of Western North Carolina’s governmental agencies, cities, towns, industries, corporations and institutions. When a storm takes the power out, we are available to travel anywhere in the Eastern United States to assist in power restoration. We also install traffic signals and can take care of all your outdoor lighting needs. We are unmatched by any competitor in professionalism and personal service.


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Overhead and Underground Distribution Systems- Our electrical contractors have more than enough experience and expertise to design, create, and maintain electrical distribution systems ranging from 120 volts to 23 kilovolts. Our services can be provided through a contract, bid, or project proposal and include:
    • Underground Line Construction- Including transformers, terminations, cables, conduits, trenching, and special equipment.
    • Overhead Line Construction- Including grounding, transformers, insulators, conductors, and poles.
    • Engineering- Available for both new construction and maintenance
    • Line / Equipment Maintenance- We can replace or upgrade your current materials.
    • Installation of Communication Cables– Including fiber-optic and copper cables.
  • Traffic Control Systems- We have been performing installations and maintenance for traffic signals in North Carolina for over 30 years. Our capabilities include:
    • Traffic Signal Construction & Maintenance- Including installation, replacement, and retrofitting of cabling, poles, controllers, and signal heads, as well as traffic signal programming.
    • High-Tech Equipment– From fiber optics and cameras to wireless equipment and microwave detectors.
    • Pole Installation- Including metal mast arm, metal strain, and wood poles.
    • Highway Lighting- We offer both maintenance and new installation of fixtures and poles.
    • Detection Loop Installation– Including saw cutting, cabling, and adding sealant.
  • Storm Response- We are available for 24-hour emergency service after a storm to restore power and other needed utilities as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have successfully restored power to millions of customers across the Eastern United States after hurricanes, snowstorms, rainstorms, ice storms, and many other natural disasters. Our capabilities in storm response and restoration include:
    • Repair of Overhead & Underground Lines– Including poles, insulators, conductors, grounding, transformers, trenching, conduits, terminations, cables, special equipment, and more.
  • Outdoor Lighting Systems– We have been Western North Carolina’s experts in sports and other outdoor lighting for more than 4 decades. Our services include:
    • Design – We can create the perfect lighting systems for football, soccer, baseball, and softball fields, as well as tennis courts, outdoor tracks, parking lots, and any other areas where you need to be able to see at night.
    • Construction– Including wiring, poles, fixtures, aiming, controls, and more.
  • Hole Drilling– We are the proud owners of an Altec pressure-digging vehicle, which allows us to auger large holes in any substance, including solid rock. Hole diameters range from 18 inches to 48 inches, and depth can reach down to as much as 17 feet. We can also use other pieces of equipment to achieve different-size holes if your need requires it.

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend your company to anyone seeking the services you provide. I know you well, since I have worked with you almost continuously during my 10 years at UNC Asheville.

Deborah, West Asheville

I have used the services of MB HAYNES ever since I moved to Asheville and have had so many pleasant encounters with your staff that I felt compelled to say thank you.  Every interaction whether by phone or in person has been a pleasure.  Each service person has been on time, friendly, and helpful…Thanks for making dealing with “home maintenance” run smoothly.