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Tough Clogs Can Cause BIG Problems!

The H2O TurboJet can help blast your TOUGHEST CLOGS! Grease, oils, hair and fats cause drain and sewer line blockages, which can slow things down in your home or business. TurboJet will get your drains flowing freely again.


At some point, every home and business experiences drain line clogs or sewer line issues. When it happens to you, call HAYNES Plumbing Systems!

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ATTENTIONGot a big drain challenge and not the right equipment? Hire us! We’ll use our H2O TurboJet to give your customers’ drain lines the most thorough cleaning available. For more info, call 828.254.6141 and ask to speak to PLUMBING.

THE H2O TURBOJET USES HOT WATER TO CLEAN THE TOUGHEST DRAIN AND SEWER LINE CHALLENGES, BETTER AND FASTER THAN COLD WATER ALONE. Cable equipment is very effective at removing a clog, but leaves tons of uncleaned surfaces on the sidewalls of sewer lines. High pressure water settings remove all buildup and debris from the sewer lines, leaving them spotlessly clean!


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Deborah, West Asheville

I have used the services of MB HAYNES ever since I moved to Asheville and have had so many pleasant encounters with your staff that I felt compelled to say thank you.  Every interaction whether by phone or in person has been a pleasure.  Each service person has been on time, friendly, and helpful…Thanks for making dealing with “home maintenance” run smoothly.


It is with great pleasure that I recommend your company to anyone seeking the services you provide. I know you well, since I have worked with you almost continuously during my 10 years at UNC Asheville.