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We are the local contractor for all your professional Firestop needs. We are ul-red qualified and an active member of the Firestop Contractors International Association. We are Firestop experts and stay updated with the latest technology and code requirement changes. We are an accredited HILTI Firestop Specialty Contractor, providing you with quality work which will restore your wall or floor fire ratings.

We specialize in M/E/P Piping Penetrations, Cable Firestop Management, Curtain Wall/Perimeter Firestopping and Top of Wall Firestopping. Haynes Firestop can provide bid-day proposals for new projects and remodels, as well as repairs to existing structures. We can perform your code compliant annual commercial building above ceiling inspections and repairs.

We are an independent professional Firestop installer who has been provided specialized training and who has committed to provide building owners, general contractors, and subcontractors with a full-service solution for all their Firestopping needs. We are committed to provide the latest Firestopping technology and innovation in your building to minimize the risk of loss due to fire, smoke, and toxic gases.

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