Piping refers to a system of cylindrical, hollow tubes used to convey gases, liquids and other materials from one place to another in industrial environments such as manufacturing plants. This picture shows a complex piping system in such a plant:

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Industrial piping and its in-line components can be made from aluminum, steel alloys, titanium, various plastics, glass or copper. These components are called valves and fittings. The layout and routing of fittings in an intricate piping system is usually done by experienced draftsmen known as piping designers. This discipline doesn’t require university education, but it does, however, require a good many technical skills such as:

  • The practices and principles of general drafting and isometric drawings
  • Experience and familiarity with computerized programs
  • Knowledge of piping specifications, piping materials and a basic understanding of fluid flow
  • The ability to conceptualize and develop an industrial facility plan
  • Comprehensive knowledge of piping codes and standards, as well as process practices and safety codes
  • Knowledge of the different types of connections, such as welded, flanged and threaded, as well as knowledge of the different types of valves and where and why they are used
  • Knowledge of pipe stress analysis

At H&M Constructors in Asheville, NC, we have some of the best piping designers in the industry. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, we are responsible for ensuring that thermal contraction and expansion of pipes is compensated for and that the permissible stresses don’t exceed design standards and codes. This is done with the help of a computerized program.



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