The Basics of Drain Cleaning

Drain CleaningThe Basics of Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is one of those often-overlooked tasks in our home. We do not think about it until we notice water slowly draining or water backing up. However, with all that goes down our home drains, we should give them the attention needed.

Type of Drains

There are many types of drains in your home that you should keep a close eye on. First, there is the kitchen drain. Kitchen drains are typically blocked with grease, soap and food waste. Then there is the shower/bathtub drain. These drains are susceptible to soap and hair. Next, there is the toilet drain. The toilet drain is clogged with items like facial tissue, baby wipes and other non-disintegrating products. Finally, there is the bathroom sink drain. This drain is usually clogged by toothpaste, soap and hair.

Drain Blockage

It is important not to dispose certain items through your drains. Some if these items include:

  • Bags (paper and plastic)
  • Paints and nail polish
  • Coffee grinds
  • Acidic or caustic substances
  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Paper Towels
  • Flushable Kitty Litter
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Medication (prescription and over-the-counter)

These items cause blockages in your drains. Also, if you have a garbage disposal, you should only run small amounts of food scraps and run plenty of cold water.

There are obvious signs of blockage in a home. These signs include:

  • Overflowing toilets,
  • Water backing up in drains
  • Unpleasant odors from drains
  • Water coming up drains

However, there are other signs that are not as obvious. For instance, you may notice water coming from an outside pipe. This is an indication of a blockage that may be outside your home. If this happens, it may be time for a drain cleaning of your drainage system.

Is Drain Cleaning Important?

If left overlooked, minor plumbing problems lead to major consequences. It is inevitable to have small blockages in your home drains. When left unattended, these blockages become larger. They will cost you time and money to repair. That is one of the reasons an annual drain cleaning is important for your home.

Drain cleaning will also improve the smell of your home.  Over time, debris and rotting waste build up in your drainage system. Add sewer build up to this and your home could be come polluted with bacteria and toxic particles. These particles cause foul odor to come from the drains into your home.

An annual draining cleaning, as part of preventative maintenance, will save you from expensive emergency repairs.

Why Choose Professional Drain Cleaning?

A major benefit to a licensed plumber for a drain cleaning is their professional equipment and operation knowledge. They utilize tools like a motorized drain auger, hydro-jetter and optic cable-mounted cameras to thoroughly clean your drainpipes. These are tools that are not readily available to non-professionals.

Plumbers also have a lot more experience and trade knowledge when it comes to unclogging drains. They have learned through first-hand experience. Another good reason for a professional drain cleaning, is a plumber will be able to inspect your system. There may be signs of leaks or corrosion that only a professional could detect.

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