Most facility executives know that metal building construction is durable and strong. However, many are unaware of its other notable facility-related benefits. It is long-lasting, attractive, environmentally-friendly and requires virtually no maintenance. Equally important, the cost of construction compares more than favorably with other materials when you consider the total lifecycle costs.

metal building construction

About 20% of commercial roofs and 23% of walls in America are metal. The fact that it has a lower market share than other roofing materials is a result of various factors – a main one being that in some parts of the U.S., metal simply hasn’t gained the following that other roof types have.

Of greater concern is that some facility executives have formed misconceptions about metal. They assume that it’s more expensive than other materials – an assumption that doesn’t hold when you consider lifecycle costs. Plus, many facility executives aren’t aware of the aesthetically pleasing designs and colors in which metal is available. Some assume that, within a year or two, it will rust. In reality, metal building construction can last for decades. Also, few facility executives realize just how little maintenance it requires.

Back on the subject of metal roofs, it’s not unusual for them to last for up to 40 years. Compare this to 19.6 years for a single-ply roof, and 23.2 years for a modified/built-up bitumen roof.

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