A Fire Alarm System Is One Element of an Effective Workplace Safety Plan

There should be a fire alarm system in every workplace, as well as a set of fire regulations to keep employees safe during an emergency. Although policies vary between companies, many fire regulations are mandated by private insurance companies and local fire departments. Some of these involve fire prevention equipment, building codes and escape routes.

A Fire Alarm System Is One Element of an Effective Workplace Safety Plan

Fire Prevention Equipment

The fire alarm system should be wired throughout the entire building. In some commercial buildings, sprinkler systems are also required. Another regulation requires fire hoses, fire extinguishers, and sometimes axes to be housed in glass cases that are strategically placed throughout the building. These items can help control dangerous situations so workers can evacuate safely.

Building Codes

These must be adhered to in order to obtain occupancy licenses. Safety regulations and codes require that a building’s electrical system must be properly insulated and fully functional. Also, the building must not contain any dangerous construction materials, such as hazardous chemicals or asbestos, which could cause employee health risks if inhaled or burned. On top of this, the building must be periodically checked for gas leaks.

Escape Route

In addition to a fire alarm system, it is mandatory for workplaces to have planned escape routes for fires or other emergencies. The escape route is to be documented and made available to all employees; plus, the information must be posted in easy-to-see places throughout the workplace. Every department should have a leader to ensure everyone is led to the designated evacuation area and a headcount is performed at a designated meeting place outside.


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