HVAC Education: Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Already Know

You probably know that your HVAC system is responsible for heating your home in the winter and cooling it in the summer. However, there are probably some things you don’t know about your system.

HVACFor example:

  • The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • 54% of a typical home’s energy costs can be traced back to the heating and cooling systems, and 20% of all energy usage is due to heating water. This means that almost 75% of your home’s total energy usage is related to your water heater, air conditioner, and heater.
  • The temperature of your bedroom can affect how well you sleep. The ideal temperature for most people is between 65 and 72 degrees.
  • Approximately 47% of homeowners are unaware of how much they are paying for electricity on a monthly basis and 15% claim to not care how much they use.

If you want to save money on what you pay for heating and cooling, there are several things you can do. First, install a programmable thermostat. This can save you approximately 8% on your utility bills every year. Second, replace the filter in your furnace every other month to increase its energy efficiency by 50%. Last, have regular preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC unit. We highly recommend preventative maintenance because it is one of the best ways to preserve the lifespan and efficiency of your unit and can help you avoid inopportune situations where your system suddenly stops working.


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