Key Features of Paging Systems for Healthcare Providers

If you work in a healthcare facility, like a hospital or retirement home, you know just how crucial paging systems are for quick responses. Paging systems are also necessary for communicating quickly and efficiently with staff members throughout the building. Although features will vary from one system to another, there are a few key features that most paging systems should have.

  • Key Features of Paging Systems for Healthcare ProvidersFlexibility – A centrally amplified paging system is generally very flexible, allowing for customization to fit the needs of the healthcare provider.
  • Transmission – Depending on the system, messages can be transmitted as audio or text and can be delivered to an individual, a department, a floor, a key group, or the entire facility.
  • Alerts – Alerts can be programmed as reminders to staff, such as the commencement and conclusion of visiting hours, shift changes, meetings, and other regularly scheduled events.
  • Facility Integration – Some systems may also have the ability to perform other actions in the facility, such as controlling lighting and performing a lockdown when an authorized message is sent. There can also be sensors that monitor for unauthorized access or fire and send an alert.
  • Compatibility – Some newer paging systems are able to take advantage of existing analog systems, thus utilizing them while extending their functionality.
  • Expandable Paging systems are designed for the number of users needed. Healthcare providers should consider potential growth and examine the expandability of the paging systems they are considering.

Even smaller facilities, such as doctors’ offices, are finding uses for paging systems to streamline their practice. The ability to communicate easily is useful, even in non- emergency situations. For more information about paging systems, please contact us at HAYNES Technologies in Asheville, North Carolina.