Corrective industrial maintenance is performed after detecting failure, and the objective is to restore an asset to a suitable condition. Reactive industrial maintenance is carried out after a breakdown, so an asset can function as intended. At H&M Constructors, we can help you either way.

industrial maintenance expertQuick repair to broken equipment is crucial in ensuring uninterrupted operations, optimal production and minimal downtime. With the backing of our extensive knowledge, we can give you the assurance that an on-site support specialist will be on hand when needed. Our services optimize asset availability and provide you with reduced labor costs, productivity losses and overtime hours.

Our corrective and reactive industrial maintenance technicians are skilled in fault-diagnosing and performing associated maintenance tasks quickly and properly. Our approach is core competency; that’s why we have exceptionally motivated and experienced managers, supervisors and technicians.

Our corrective and preventative maintenance program includes:

  • Checking and monitoring of equipment
  • Drawing up maintenance plans and reports
  • Inspections/revisions
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Degradation analyses

Industrial maintenance is just one of our diverse offerings. Solar systems, plumbing, security systems, storm response, heating and cooling, general contracting and industrial construction are all covered under the banner of our parent company, MB HAYNES Corporation. We also offer residential solutions and repairs for HVAC, electrical and plumbing.

With our excellent reputation and extensive experience in the building side of our business, we not only do renovations and new construction, but we are also a regional dealer of pre-engineered metal buildings from A&S Building Systems and Star Building Systems.



It is with great pleasure that I recommend your company to anyone seeking the services you provide. I know you well, since I have worked with you almost continuously during my 10 years at UNC Asheville.

Deborah, West Asheville

I have used the services of MB HAYNES ever since I moved to Asheville and have had so many pleasant encounters with your staff that I felt compelled to say thank you.  Every interaction whether by phone or in person has been a pleasure.  Each service person has been on time, friendly, and helpful…Thanks for making dealing with “home maintenance” run smoothly.